CAD Drafting Services

We Offer Multiple CAD Services from Product Design to Rendering and 3D Printing

We Offer Multiple CAD Services from Product Design to Rendering and 3D Printing

We Offer Multiple CAD Services from Product Design to Rendering and 3D Printing

About Our Services

We design parts for performance vehicles of all types, including race cars, rally vehicles, and more. We’re equally adept at helping you save hundredths of a second off of your lap time as we are at ensuring that your car remains as stable as possible when you take it off-roading.

Since we have experience working with so many kinds of parts, we can cater to the needs of all types of customers. We make it our mission to work as closely as we can with the customer so that they can get exactly what they expect, and we believe that communication is essential.

Our skill sets extend far beyond just 3D modeling, as we can work closely with manufacturers to help them produce the parts that they need. Once we have drafted the components, we can help ensure that the end product adheres as closely as possible to the schematics that we put together.

Whether you’re looking to improve something as simple as your air filter, or something as complicated as a turbocharger, we can get the job done.

Our Services

3D Drawing And Modeling

Here at VFTS Motorsport, we combine the domain of automotive engineering with a much more recent innovation: 3D modeling. Despite 3D design having existed for over a decade, at this point, you’d be surprised by how many automotive projects are undertaken in the old-fashioned way: with simple drafting paper.

However, manual drafting is starting to show its limits. It isn’t easy to share projects with collaborators, they can easily get lost, and they miss out on digital integration, which can make projects progress a lot more smoothly. In combining the art of 3D modeling with the engineering of car parts, we hope to do things that were previously impossible.

We have a particular emphasis on performance vehicles, where every bit of horsepower matters, and using 3D modeling, we can easily design parts to be as strong and lightweight as possible.

Other than complete models and schematics, we can also produce exploded-view variants, in which you can see each part and where it goes. This will make it easier to assemble the required components, once they’ve been manufactured, and the process is quicker than doing it by hand on drafting paper.

2D Drawing

Our services include more than just 3D modeling work, since we understand that not everyone in the automotive industry is comfortable working with these kinds of models. To expand our potential customer base, we also have the required expertise to work with traditional 2D design drawings.

That expertise comes in handy when we’re working on converting existing 2D drawings to a 3D format, which is another one of our goals. Since 2D drawings have long been the standard in the automotive industry, there are plenty of existing schematics that have never been transformed into 3D models.

These conversions will allow manufacturers to simplify the production of parts that have long since been out of production, cutting down the costs associated with doing so. This will also make it easier to share the designs so that people all around the world can create those components.

As you can imagine, 3D modeling has the potential to revolutionize car restoration, as a major hurdle in the process is finding parts that have been out of production for decades. Being able to restore a car for a fraction of the cost would make the process much more accessible, potentially bringing back some of history’s most beloved vehicles. After all, we wouldn’t be working in this field if it weren’t for our love of cars.

Of course, converting 2D drawings to 3D models has more applications to it than just restoring classic cars. Our services can be used for something as simple as an aftermarket part that you may have designed yourself, making it easier to share with mechanics or part makers.

Rendering And Visualization

As a more hands-on approach is sometimes required when working with car parts, we also provide rendering and visualization services for your products.

We can create very high quality images of your models, with photo-realistic backgrounds for enhancement of your sales & marketing documents, your catalogues and technical data sheets.

The aim of this process is to be as realistic as possible before the construction phase. Rendering also allows you to export previews so that you can submit them to your clients for approval.

Rendering Portfolio

3D Printing

3D printing is the fastest and cheapest way to have your part printed into a prototype that can be examined in interaction with the rest of the components, or just to get final visual idea of the part.

This technology allows you to make parts in different materials, which means that you can get you part ready for installation in a matter oh hours, without having to produce all the tooling for manufacturing it.

Currently we have one small 3D printer for general use. In the up coming months we will build big one that will suit our needs. Mainly the 3D printers are used for printing patterns for sand casting.

This allows us to produce parts in small batches at a very effective cost.

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As you can see, there are so many things that we can do with the 3D models that we create, and we can cater to a wide range of customers. Whether you’re looking to improve your sports car or bring a racing legend back to life, our design work can help simplify the process.

Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries, and we’ll do what we can to accommodate your needs and work closely with you on your dream project.