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About Us

Where excellence is concerned, design is sure to play a role.  Every facet of our modern world is built with elegance and grace even if the visual appeal doesn’t necessarily connect.  As our world becomes more compact, crowded, and busy, it becomes more essential than ever to take the extra time to provide design elements that both intelligently assure longevity, efficiency, and stimulation while being cost efficient.

This is the case in almost any area of engineering, regardless of purpose.

Automobiles are perhaps one of the most accessible domains of engineering, considering nearly anyone can peak under the hood of their car and root around in there. However, if you want to do anything more complicated than changing your oil, then you’re still going to need a decent amount of expertise.

We have a passion for working on cars and seeing just how much we can get out of an engine. However, there are already so many businesses that manufacture parts and install them on vehicles, so we wanted to take a bit of a more original approach, something that hasn’t been tried yet.


“Having worked together with other CAD-Designers before, I really enjoyed the collaboration with Georgi because he had a general understanding for the project and asked the right questions when needed. Sometimes, his qualified remarks led me to rethink some aspects of the design, which contributed the outcome in a positive way.”


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“Mr. Atanasov has done all of this while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. His work is fast, complete and accurate, and his communication is excellent. I intend to continue to hire him in the future, and I recommend him without reservation for any modelling needs you may have.”


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