Testimonial 1

Dear Sir or Madam,


“In the context of a private project and development to a commercial product I have asked Georgi Atanasov for his services. Right from the beginning the communication I have experienced was service oriented with short requesting times.

Having worked together with other CAD-Designers before, I really enjoyed the collaboration with Georgi because he had a general understanding for the project and asked the right questions when needed. Sometimes, his qualified remarks led me to rethink some aspects of the design, which contributed the outcome in a positive way.

By now, I have been working with Georgi for numerous iterations relating to product development. The fruitful collaboration is ongoing for over one year and the experience is very positive.

Georgi’s turnaround time and the quality of work met my expectations for every mentioned iteration. Therefore, I highly recommend his services to every customer who expects professional results for someone’s projects.

In case of any questions regarding Georgi’s work, I am very happy to give back and provide some information.”


Kind regards,

Testimonial 2

To Whom It May Concern

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Georgi Atanasov

Dear Sir or Madam:


“I have hired Georgi Atanasov several times in recent years to assist me with the development of Solidworks models for out-of-production British motorcycles and engines from the 1920s and 1930s.

Each time, I have provided Mr. Atanasov with the only information I had available – usually 80-year-old damaged or incomplete blueprints. Drawing upon his extensive experience with automobile engineering and manufacturing processes, Georgi has reverse-engineered missing details and dimensions in order to generate fully-coordinated fabrication models – many of which are the only complete sets in existence in the world. He has also suggested features that were not included in the original designs in order to facilitate casting and machining. The quality of his models is the only thing that allows me to fulfill my dream – producing motorcycle parts that have not been manufactured since 1934.

Mr. Atanasov has done all of this while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. His work is fast, complete and accurate, and his communication is excellent. I intend to continue to hire him in the future, and I recommend him without reservation for any modelling needs you may have.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you require any additional information about working with Mr. Atanasov.”


Matt Paine​

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Testimonial 3

“We were mid project when we needed a qualified mechanical engineer designer. We found Georgie and were very happy with the results, in fact we had another designer in-house, but when we compared the sheer pace of Georgie, we realized that our in-house SolidWorks designer was not able to keep up with Georgie’s speed, as he was designing things we needed in hours as opposed to days as some other qualified designers.

Very happy that we found someone who isn’t just a good and fast designer, but also understands the engineering spectrum behind it, which means you don’t have to sit with him, he will get the job done just through understanding your idea independently.”


Ivan Ghoshko

Website:  https://orcahelix.com/


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Testimonial 4

“For a complex art object we needed schematic drawings (for the building phase) and visualization as a 3d model (for the presentation). Looking at Georgi’s previous projects this kind of project seemed like something that he would certainly be able to create for us. From very simple example sketches and instructions he impressively recreated this complex object in SolidWorks and technically perfect too!

Georgi is a real pleasure to work with, very professional and he really goes the extra mile. Very much recommended!”


Arno Bakker – Mediascape



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Testimonial 5

“We (HFM Dot Parts) sell our own range of products for Nissan Skylines and Silva’s. We hit a problem, we’re car people and have a lot of ideas but getting the idea straight to production was near impossible, that’s where Georgi came in.

From day 1 working with Georgi I knew he would provide a lot of value to HFM and he did. He was easy to talk to, did a great job at translating the ideas from our chat to an actual design and the renders really helped us visualize the final product. I can’t wait to get Georgi’s product designs into production and out to our customers.”



HFM Dot Parts


Check HFM Dot Parts’s project here and here

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