The cylinder hear and camshaft

The cylinder head will be cut the same way as the block. This means that it will be cut through the middle of the combustion camber and through the spark plug hole. The last will be a bit tricky to weld, but it seems possible. The process here will be the same as the cylinder block: cutting, preparing, welding, checking, machining.

The camshaft bearing body will be from two parts. Front will be just standard one without any modifications. The rear will be a little bit less that the half of original one, and the part that is needed is the rear one. one of the bosses fro mounting the camshaft bearing body to the cylinder hard needs to be relocated, in order to use all of the mounting points of the bearing body.

Below you can see what else needs modification in order to mount the new bearing body. The image on the left is before the modification and the right one shows the final result.(look at the right lower corner)










The camshaft will be made from to stock camshafts cut up into pieces. One type of pieces will include the two bearing surfaces and the cams between them. the other part will be just the two cams.

Each section will have a counter bore. One side will be tight press fit the other will be light press fit that will allow some rotation, so the camshaft can be clocked the right way before welding. Red bushings below will be used to connect the different camshaft sections.