The cylinder block

Everything will start with two stock Lada 2105 block. The one that will be the front section of the new engine will be cut through cylinder number 3. The rest of the new six cylinder engine block will be completed by a section of the second engine cut through the second cylinder. Both pieces will be machined flat and perpendicular to the main surfaces. I will attempt to make them shorter by 0.1-0.2 mm, so when they are assembled the bore will have a oval shape. Hope this will help when boring the cylinder to remove as little material as possible and use oversized piston, if this doesn’t work, I will bore it out and press a cylinder liner. All the edges will be chamfered and prepared for welding. The main oil gallery will be plugged on both parts where the cut are. The front part will be lubricated the standard way, via the oil pump and the main oil gallery. The rear section will get oil from a sandwich plate between the engine block and the oil filter and will be connected to the port for oil pressure gauge and oil low pressure lamp.

After the two engine halves a ready,then a precisely machined bar will be placed and tightened instead of a crankshaft. This will align the main bearings of the two halves, and hopeful keep them aligned after the welding is done. To get the both cylinder blocks decks aligned, i will place a thick metal plate on to and tighten it. The hole in the plate, will provide access to the inside of the cylinder for welding.

I will try to preheat the block before welding and cool it down as slow as possible. Hope this will minimize the distortion and the internal stresses created by the welding. After that the block will be tested for leaks and then machined.