Lada inline six cylinder engine, project overview.

After watching Garage 54, I decided to develop this engine the proper way. So, I sat down and done it. Here I will explain each step and how every component will be modified to make inline six cylinder Lada engine from two stock engine. The main problem for me was, the crankshaft. It will be made from separate pieces that will be assembled using interference fit. The camshaft will be done in a similar way. The intake and exhaust will be custom made.The intake will be ITB and the exhaust 6–2-1 configuration. The accessories will be driven by poly v belt Pk-4 or PK-6, which will require custom pulleys. The ignition and the fueling will be sequential. Custom crank trigger wheel 36-1 will be used attached to the crank pulley. Special bracket will be used to mount the cam trigger sensor. The firing order will be like 2JZ and RB engines – 1,5,3,6,2,4. Rest of the parts will be stock, sourced from the donor engines.