BBS E50 E55 with turbo fan cover

What is seen here is an accurate model of the three pieces of a standard BBS wheel. This work-piece began by coming across an original drawing that had been done of the center section of the wheel. While the original drawing as received was of low quality, the dimensions were readable enough to craft this model.

The model you see was created through the use of the visible dimensions to develop the geometry. Then, the drawing was scaled and overlaid onto the model. By doing so, I was able to approximate with reasonable accuracy the missing dimensions.

Once the center section had been completed, I then moved on to the creation of lips and barrels, modeling these after extensive reference pictures. An additional finishing touch, a turbo fan cover, was also modeled from reference pictures and previously generated geometries.

Additionally, the model includes all necessary metal threaded inserts for cover bolts, M7x32 bolts, and threaded inserts, as well as the bushings needed for centering pins.