Lada aluminium brake caliper two piston, ventilated disc.

Aluminium brake caliper with radial mounting for solid disc.


Stock Lada brake system.

Note: fits under the stock steel wheel

Race/ Rally.


Radial mount – 115mm x 31,6mm.

Note: Upon request lug mount option is available.

Monoblock caliper machined from solid.

Suits: custom Ø252mm x 19mm ventilated disc and Ap racing CP4136-568

Stock or aluminium pistons.

Stainless steel wear plates for the pads.

Stock steering arm can be used.

All the hardware form the stock caliper is used.

Note: If you don’t have a stock Lada brake caliper, or you want new hardware for the caliper, let us know, so we can provide it.

Brake pad information – uses stock Lada brake pads.

– Pad Area = 33.47cm²

– Pad Depth = 47.0mm

– Thickness = 15mm(friction material 11mm)


Technical  specification:

Piston Sizes –      Ø48mm

Piston Area cm³                –  36.19

Disc Diameter –    up to Ø252.5mm

Disc Thickness –     20.7mm

Weight (no pads) –  2.2kg

Hydraulic Threads – M10x1.25

Mounting Type – Radial

Mounting Centres –        115.0mm

Mounting Offset –           31.6mm

Mounting Hole Ø –           Ø 12.1mm

Price:  On request

Note: The price is for one caliper with bracket and hardware kit. For now the calipers are made upon order, so a lead time of one month will be necessary.

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