Lada aluminium brake caliper four piston, ventilated disc, CP3345 brake pad.

Four piston aluminium brake caliper with radial mounting for ventilated disc.


Stock Lada brake system.

Note: fits under the stock steel wheel

Race/ Rally.


Radial mount – 170mm x 31,6mm.

Note: Upon request lug mount option is available.

Monoblock caliper machined from solid.

Suits: custom Ø252mm x 19mm ventilated disc and Ap racing CP4136-568

Low profile pad retaining springs.

Bolts at the back of the caliper to hold pad retaining springs and improve caliper rigidity.

Four pistons for better force distribution on the back of the brake pad.

Different size pistons, leading one being smaller.

Stock or aluminium pistons.

Stainless steel wear and support plates for the pads.

Brake pad information – uses CP3345 FAMILY IRON PAD

– Pad Area = 43.39cm²

– Pad Depth = 44.14mm

– Thickness = 15.9mm


Technical  specification:

Piston Sizes –      2xØ38mm


Piston Area cm³                –  38.76

Disc Diameter –    up to Ø252.5mm

Disc Thickness –     up to 20.7mm

Weight (no pads) –  2.5kg

Hydraulic Threads – M10x1.25

Mounting Type – Radial

Mounting Centres –        170.0mm

Mounting Offset –           31.6mm

Mounting Hole Ø –           Ø 12.1mm

Price:  On request

Note: The price is for one caliper with bracket, hardware kit and a steering arm. Custom steering arm is required to fit this caliper to Lada. For now the calipers are made upon order, so a lead time of one month will be necessary.

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